Win with us despite the shortage of skilled workers in the pharmaceutical industry and medical technology qualified candidates for your company!

With over 11 years in Life Science, we have built up a lot of practical knowledge, an international network and a daily updated database of over 30,180 specialized candidates aufgebaut.

Coupled with our broad strategy of headhunting, job portals, advertisements, social recruiting and more, we can match your company with the right professionals and executives in the shortest amount of time.

Whether in permanent employment, freelance on a project basis or in the form of temporary employment.

Umfangreiche Erfahrung – mehr als 210 Pharma- und Medizintechnikunternehmen haben durch unseren Service als Personalberater im Bereich Pharma & Medizintechnik offene Stellen besetzen lassen, unter anderem ...

Your options for qualified candidates

In order to find qualified candidates for you, we use all the options available in the field of recruitment. This allows us to quickly and reliably solve your shortage of skilled workers, compared to the other options.

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Enthusiastic customers and candidates

In addition to the 210+ pharmaceutical and medical technology companies, our 778+ referred candidates and 421+ freelancers are thrilled to work with us. We are your recruiter on the market, with the most positive reviews from candidates. Please feel free to convince yourself.

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Erika Wagner

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Peter Wellmann

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Customer Omnicare

Heike Jäntsch

Personnel consultant for
Pharmaceutical companies

Our networks in the pharmaceutical sector not only extend to the leading top companies in the industry, we also maintain a close exchange with universities and renowned research institutions.
So gelingt es uns auch, vakante Stellen schnell und zuverlässig mit kompetenten Kandidaten zu besetzen.

As personnel consultants in the pharmaceutical industry, we are your contacts for all areas, including ...

  • pharmaceutical manufacturer
  • generics
  • biotech
  • vaccines
  • animal health

Personnel consultant for
Medical technology companies

Medical technology is booming, with the industry generating new record sales every year. Ever shorter innovation cycles and the pressure of international competition make the acquisition of qualified employees one of the greatest challenges in the industry. With pates as a personnel consultant in medical technology, you can reliably and quickly find the right candidates for your company.

As personnel consultants in medical technology, we are your contact for all areas, including ...

  • Medical Technology
  • in vitro diagnostics
  • PLM / OEM

What makes us so special as a recruiter for medical technology and the pharmaceutical industry?

We are specialised.

We are recruiters in the medical technology and pharmaceutical industry – and only there.

We are experts.

All our employees are not only personnel professionals, they also know the special requirements of the life science industries and are regularly further qualified by external consultants from the medical technology and pharmaceutical industries.

We have the best network.

Due to our clearly defined target group, we have one of the best developed networks in our sector in the German-speaking countries. We know where highly qualified professionals work and which candidates are potentially interested in a career move. And we are the first to find out when an attractive job needs to be filled.

We are fast.

We have one goal only: to find the top professionals in the industry in the shortest possible time. In the case of interim positions, we can usually do this in less than 72 hours.

We are close partners.

With high market penetration and active applicant management, we have built up such a close relationship with professionals that we almost always succeed in winning even the most highly sought-after candidates for our clients. Even those who are deliberately hardly active on social networks.

We are demanding.

We analyse the individual job requirements and create a real top match for you thanks to our benchmark process. At pates everything happens according to the four-eyes principle. And our quality assurance does not end with the successful recruitment. We want to know how satisfied our customers are – so that we can recruit the best even faster and more accurately next time.

We are known among others from the following media ...

6 steps to your qualified candidate

In six steps, we ensure that your new candidate fits your expectations exactly. At the same time, we relieve your human resources from the time-consuming and cost-intensive search for highly specialized and highly sought-after candidates.


The cornerstone for a quick placement success is our detailed first briefing interview. We want to get to know you and your corporate culture in detail. Together, we then develop an attractive and precise job description - we know exactly what you can score with as an employer when looking for employees.

Based on the defined requirements, we determine an individual acquisition process for your position. Optionally, we also offer workshops in which we use our benchmark process to define the advertised position in even greater detail and analyze the motivators.


With our modern recruiting tools, we quickly track down the ideal candidates for you.

On average, our database contains around 30,180 specialists who are interested in a new position in medical technology or the pharmaceutical industry. At the same time, we activate our individual networks, including relevant forums and blogs.

We only place ads when it makes sense and only where they will be read.


Our recruiting experts use personality diagnostics and our CLAMPS model to assess and analyse which applicants are the best fit for your company – both in terms of soft skills and professional qualifications.

We conduct individual interviews with the most promising applicants and, if necessary, bring in experts. We prepare the results for you in individual, clearly structured candidate portfolios.


Based on our qualified candidate portfolios, you decide who gets an invitation to a personal interview. We then prepare the candidates in detail for the interview and inform them in advance about everything that is important to you as a company. We are also happy to accompany the interview personally.

In the post-processing phase, we prepare short exposés for you on the results of the interview – so you have a qualified basis for evaluation.


If you wish, we will then conduct the contract talks with your preferred candidates – about salary, special benefits or outstanding legal issues.

We actively support you in overcoming any hurdles to employment so that the change of employer runs smoothly for both sides, even if your desired candidate is to join you earlier than the current contract allows.

Support and monitoring

Efficient quality control helps us to constantly optimise our selection process. For example, in the top service level of our recruiting models, we ask you about your satisfaction with your new employee during the first 12 months. The results of our quality control broaden and deepen our customer profile of your company. So next time we will find your perfect match even faster and more precisely.

The results of our quality control broaden and deepen our customer profile of your company. So next time we will find your Perfect Match even faster and more precisely.

Arrange a free initial consultation

Click on a day in the calendar and make a binding reservation now for a personal appointment to talk to us.

According to an internal survey (as of April 2022), 91.3% of participants would definitely recommend this free initial consultation to their colleagues.

So you can only benefit from the initial consultation!

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Our location in Munich

Our office is located at Leopoldstraße 248 in beautiful Munich, the cosmopolitan city with a heart.

From here, we serve renowned pharmaceutical and medical technology companies from all over Germany. Even though our digital way of working means that collaboration does not require an on-site meeting, we are always happy to have personal contact with our customers.

You are always welcome to join us!