The pates method

Gaining advantage in the application process


Are you looking for a new career challenge in the human sciences? The personnel consultants and headhunters at pates find the most attractive jobs in medical technology and the pharmaceutical sectors while also identifying the positions that match precisely your wishes and expectations, whether as a permanent employee or freelancer.

Gain from the specialist experience of our personnel experts in the recruitment procedures of German-speaking countries. We know what details HR managers focus on when selecting candidates. We get your application to match precisely the advertised position, taking into consideration every requirement.

You gain from the detailed communications we have with your potential employer before submitting your application. You then get valuable assistance and information that other applicants don't get. We know precisely the salary you can earn in your new job in the medical technology or pharmaceutical sectors.

The six-step pates method gives you a major advantage in the application process. Get your career moving! Contact us and get daily updates on jobs that we are exclusively processing on behalf of our clients.

Initial consultation
Getting acquainted

Beginnings can be this easy

Apply to pates now to take the fast path to finding a new dream job or an exciting project.

Your application will undergo immediate analysis and screening by two separate personnel experts.

We work very successfully using profile clusters rather than simple categorisations. We can then provide you with job and project options which you may not have considered but which also match your skills.

pates finds the best candidates for the most attractive jobs and projects in the medical technology and pharmaceutical sectors. We may therefore personally contact you even if you haven't already submitted us an application. We are confident that it won't take long before you are convinced of the benefits.


We listen to your wishes and respect your goals

Your application is only the first step in our multi-stage profiling process to find you your next dream job or short-term project.

Within a few days of submitting your application, we will contact you in an initial consultation to get a better understanding of your wishes and expectations.

We then work together to determine the options you have that correspond to your requirements.

We focus on what is currently important to you and your career goals for the next few years.


Understanding. Transparency. Trust. That's what we stand for.

Using the initial consultation as a basis, we want to get to know you personally via a personal interview.

You give us an overview of your professional successes and we give you an insight into the current vacancies that are generally offered exclusively by us on behalf of our partner companies.

We work together to agree the next steps. A change of job is an option for you regardless of whether you actively want a career move, contracted project work or perhaps something in the medium or long term. Keeping your options open is never a mistake.


Showing your skills and character in the best light.

We know what our partner companies want. We can therefore prepare your application and profile in such a way that all relevant experience and qualifications are clearly visible. You then have a major advantage over other candidates for the job.

We also personally present your profile to our partner companies. Our recruiting approach is highly trusted by companies so our candidates have the best chance of success from the outset.


We do everything to keep you keen

We arrange an interview with your potential new employer according to your wishes.

We prepare you in detail for the main interview. You get all the important information from us beforehand about special candidate requirements, any stumbling blocks that may arise during the interview, and how the interview will proceed. You will then be well prepared and will have no surprises to fear.

In agreement with your potential employer, we also attend your interview and contribute our HR expertise to your benefit.


Calmly overcoming every obstacle with pates

As skilled experts, we are available to answer any queries about successful placements in permanent positions or project work.

If an earlier departure date is required, we negotiate with your current employer.

If required, we are also able to negotiate salaries with the new employer, including special benefits.

You can gain especially here from our experience with partner companies.

The most interesting jobs in the human sciences

Find your new dream job with pates, whether you are seeking a career move or more freedom.

Medical technology

Specialists in medical technology are now more in demand than ever. This is your chance to successfully move your career forwards in a targeted way.

Our established networks and excellent contacts in the industry mean we are usually the first to know which top companies are currently looking to fill vacant positions. We know the details of the job requirements and can therefore present you with the most attractive jobs or projects in medical technology that match your needs and goals.

HR departments of renowned companies as well as fast-growing start-ups in medical technology are being faced with new challenges. These have changed the entire process of searching for qualified employees. For years, we have been exclusively making placements on behalf of our clients in vacancies with highly specialised job profiles. These are vacancies which are not generally advertised via job portals. Contact us and be the first to find out when new career opportunities become available that match your professional skills.

pates specialist placements areas in medical technology:

  • Qualified persons
  • Quality assurance
  • Quality control
  • Regulatory affairs
  • Medical affairs
  • Manufacturing
  • R&D clinical operations
  • Quality management
  • Lab
  • Engineering


Do you want to move your career forwards? Do you want to make greater use of your skills in the pharmaceutical industry? Do you lack the time and the network contacts to explore new opportunities? pates supports you in making the most of your potential with the most attractive employers in German-speaking countries. We work with precision so you save yourself the frustration and energy of lengthy application processes for unsuitable jobs or jobs that don't meet your expectations.

The pharmaceutical industry is currently one of the most dynamic industries in the world and has an enormous demand for qualified specialists. Skilled personnel are sought-after and highly competed for around the world. Traditional application procedures have therefore long ceased to be successful in filling vacant positions. Specialised recruitment agencies such as pates offer companies the benefits of a broad network through which they gain access the most qualified candidates. Our many years of successful recruiting and consultancy to pharmaceutical companies means we have now been exclusively commissioned by our clients to recruit the most suitable candidates.

pates specialist areas for job placements in medical pharmaceutical companies

  • Auditing, CAPA management,
  • Clinical project management, clinical safety
  • Design control (DHF) & design validation
  • Development engineering
  • Human resources, controlling & accounting
  • Brand management & key account management
  • Medical marketing, packaging
  • Process planning, improvement and optimisation
  • Product & project management
  • Screening, quality control & quality management
  • Regulatory affairs
  • Validation & verification

The push for your career

Permanent, freelance, or a bit of both? We give you maximum flexibility

Permanent positions

Are you looking for a permanent position that will take you several steps up the career ladder? We know that your skills are highly sought after. But more importantly, we know which jobs really mean career progression for you.

And the most important thing, we know which company is interested in you and your experience. Companies and industry leaders trust our expertise. As a candidate from pates, you therefore have the best chance of getting exactly the job you want.

Contracted project work

Above-average pay, highly flexible and mostly very challenging tasks. For many specialists today, project work is more attractive than a permanent position.

We have contacts to companies who appreciate the benefits of project work as much as you do. As a freelancer, you can be assured of acquiring new tasks within very short periods.

Temporary work

Variety, very flexible working hours and the assurance that you will be applying your specialist skills in a purposeful manner. Although temporary employment is still relatively new in the medical technology and pharmaceutical sectors, the demand is now virtually unlimited.

pates is also trusted by partner companies to provide highly qualified temporary staff. Our compliance check ensures adherence to laws against fictitious self-employment.

Become a pates expert now and find your new dream job

Why it's worthwhile for you as a specialist:

  • pates exclusively receives daily inquiries from renowned partner companies in the life sciences
  • The vast majority of these jobs are not advertised via traditional job portals
  • If we have no current vacancy for the position you are seeking, we make direct inquiries to our partner companies
  • You will be contacted automatically as soon as a suitable position becomes vacant
  • We are highly knowledgeable of the industry as well as the companies and their employment needs
  • We coach you prior to the interview to ensure it is a complete success
  • pates offers jobs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, including jobs for many internationally active market leaders
  • Our network also includes smaller, highly innovative niche companies and start-ups

Contact us now:


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My highly expert point of contact at pates was able to quickly get a picture of my career and provide me with exactly the right kind of job offers. I found the support I received in my new position outstanding.

Head of Engineering, medical technology company

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