The push for your career

Permanent, freelance, or a bit of both? We give you maximum flexibility

Permanent positions

Are you looking for a permanent position that will take you several steps up the career ladder? We know that your skills are highly sought after. But more importantly, we know which jobs really mean career progression for you.

And the most important thing, we know which company is interested in you and your experience. Companies and industry leaders trust our expertise. As a candidate from pates, you therefore have the best chance of getting exactly the job you want.

Contracted project work

Above-average pay, highly flexible and mostly very challenging tasks. For many specialists today, project work is more attractive than a permanent position.

We have contacts to companies who appreciate the benefits of project work as much as you do. As a freelancer, you can be assured of acquiring new tasks within very short periods.

Temporary work

Variety, very flexible working hours and the assurance that you will be applying your specialist skills in a purposeful manner. Although temporary employment is still relatively new in the medical technology and pharmaceutical sectors, the demand is now virtually unlimited.

pates is also trusted by partner companies to provide highly qualified temporary staff. Our compliance check ensures adherence to laws against fictitious self-employment.

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