Hidden job market:

Publicly advertised positions generate a large number of applications. No matter how much effort has been put into an application, it will first land on a pile of other applications in the HR department. And then patience is required. However, two thirds of all vacancies being filled today are on the hidden job market.


Trust is gained via social media channels such as XING, LinkedIn, or personal contacts and recommendations. Decisions are often then made much more quickly. It is important to inform associates, relatives and friends about what you are looking for. Tell them briefly about your job skills. This is the only way they can use their contacts to help you get your dream job.

It makes sense to attend the relevant trade fairs, training courses and events, and it's then important to get noticed and to stand out with your actions.

A speculative application can often lead to success. It is important to point out in such an application that you are also looking to the long term. Employers can then keep your application on file and contact you again at the appropriate time.

The social media channels mentioned above can also help you find a job. Your presence on these channels must be regularly updated and well presented. The correct search terms should be stored so that you will be found.

Another option is to use a personnel consultant. They review your profile with you and make it more effective for uploading onto the platforms.

Be bold and recognise the potential of the hidden job market. Try new ways to get to achieve your goal. Consider the many benefits of this market. There won't be a pile of other applicants that you have to stand out from to be invited to an interview. Responses are often much faster. You frequently discover jobs you would not have thought of yourself but which offer exactly what you are looking for. Open up yourself to the many opportunities and try it out for yourself!

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