Outsourcing of HR to recruiters

The market research institute Credence Research predicts that recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) will grow significantly in the coming years. The idea for RPO originally came from the USA where outsourcing of specific HR tasks has been happening for some time.

A shortage of skilled workers and demographic trends mean finding personnel is becoming increasingly difficult. Not only do HR departments lack the time to focus on recruiting, they also lack the know-how and background for effective personnel searches. Active sourcing is becoming increasingly important and can no longer be managed by HR departments alone. RPO is also a tool for the problem of fluctuating recruiting volumes in companies. Freezes on hiring lasting for months are then followed by weeks and months of high-pressure recruiting. An in-house recruiting team is often unnecessary with external support called in only when personnel need to be recruited. Working with recruitment companies can develop into a strategic partnership or simply done on a project basis. Combining internal and external resources usually means quicker achievement of company goals and growth while enabling companies to react promptly and directly to market changes.

Companies also gain the following from RPO:

  • Customised solutions can be adapted to individual clients no matter the size of the company.
  • HR departments can concentrate on vital key tasks and outsource personnel searches.
  • RPO can also be used at short notice to support you in making a fast placement.
  • Average placement times / duration are reduced.
  • A broader talent pool for future employment is established.




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