The truth about job-interview myths

Many applicants feel insecure about job interviews. Everyone has different opinions and different experiences. Well-intentioned tips or warnings can lead to applicants feeling insecure and making incorrect preparations. As in many myths, the myth of the job interview is only a half truth.

People tend to exaggerate when telling stories. It is important that applicants filter the information they get. What information is actually relevant for the upcoming interview?

Most people know from personal experience that as soon as the interview date is known, you first ask friends and colleagues. And of course, each one knows better than the other. You are also certain to find a variety of advice on the internet. But what is right, what is wrong, and what is perhaps even counterproductive?

We would like to help you with the three most frequently asked questions.

Should I mention my weaknesses?

Many applicants assume you should never reveal weaknesses. It is much more important to present only your strengths. From our experience, this is complete nonsense. Some weaknesses can be hidden strengths. And weaknesses also make you human. Being open about your weaknesses indicates you are aware of them and are able to deal with them constructively.

Good qualifications and diplomas are the most important prerequisites?

Under no circumstances should you be over confident because you have good grades and qualifications. It is often assumed that good grades and the right education opens every door. Certain basic requirements must of course be met. And good grades are of course also helpful. But often it’s your character rather than great qualifications that are important for the company. Are you a team player? How do you see your own development? It is easier to acquire new skills than to dramatically change your character. So just be open in the interview and be yourself. Don't pretend!

Never give a wrong answer.

Of course you should prepare yourself as well as you can and find out as much about the company as possible. But you don't have to have an answer to every question. It is more important that the interview runs smoothly, and that you communicate well. The HR staff want to get to know you personally. They want to know how you work and how you think.

We wish you every success in your next interview!



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